Interview : MRS Kasha Davis

This week I chatted to one of my favourite queens from this season of Rupaul’s Drag Race, MRS Kasha Davis! She sashayed away far too early and recently came back to show what a mistake they made, killing it in a team challenge with Katya. Known for her campy humour and love of boxed wine, I was excited to find out all about her time on the race, her drag family and her new single!
First of all, before we get down to business, we all want to know …. have you had time for a cocktail since you left the show?!

THERE’S ALWAYS TIME FOR A COCKTAIL….especially when you download it on iTunes.  LOL (plug plug my single is bound to be a cocktail party favorite)  But honestly if I ever drank as much as Mrs. Kasha Davis says she does I’d be sitting right next to Liza Minnelli in rehab….oh bartender ….I’ll have a double!

Well, condragulations on a brilliant appearance this season! What is like watching yourself back and now being part of Drag Race?!

Watching yourself is surreal and makes you want to go to the gym.  I am one of those people who can’t ever be satisfied by my body type and it can be a nightmare.  Honestly  I was very proud of how I came across in that I was let’s be blunt….nice.  I am proud of that!

I have to say,  you were one of the most seasoned and well rounded queens the show has had. And I think your exit was far too early (and this was only validated by your great performance in the Conjoined Twins episode) … did you feel at the time it was the wrong decision?

It is very apparent to me after watching and experiencing the taping of the competition that RuPaul made a mistake with sending me home.  It was obvious that Katya and I won that day and Ru and producers chose youth over talent.  This makes sense as Trixie is very popular on social networking and with that she will provide the show more followers.

Now you are the drag daughter of Noami Kane and your sisters are Pandora Boxx and Darienne Lake. So you are in good company! How important do you think it is to have a family and support system in the drag world?

I am very lucky to have had the support and continued support of Pandora, Darienne and Aggy who is #SEASON8 from Rochester.  We have a history of truly supporting one another even if it means ripping off the others eyelashes….it’s out of love they were done and over with.  But with sincere honesty we are very lucky here to have had that foundation where we can help and support one another to take on the next adventure.


How did you actually come to know Noami and your sisters?

I was a patron at the bar.  (a good one) and a fan!  I just simply spoke to Naomi who God bless has since passed and she was immediately supportive.  She was the one who decided I should be MRS. vs Miss as I was a bit of a prude and kind of shocked at some of the queens behavior.  The married lady only sipped box wine in the corner and GASPED at the behavior of these gals.  But Lake, Boxx and Dune were the headliners and truly took time to push me beyond my mindset and concept of what and who Mrs. Kasha Davis can be.  Aggy Dune once told me…”Don’t be afraid to TRY and look pretty”.  LOL!

On preparing for Drag Race, how helpful were Darienne and Pandora or were you able to tell them?

They helped the best they can and there are limitations as to what they can share.  Pandora is amazing at self promotion and social media and she is steadfast and reminding me on how old school I am.  Ms. Lake explained how she played the game and I’m the worst at games….for god’s sake I always lose at UNO!

What  has inspired your drag over the years?

MY MOTHER.  She is my biggest inspiration as I try to keep her spirit and humor alive.  She was so freaking ridiculous and funny.  When I tell you this woman wore sequin to the PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES I tell no lie.  I loved her to the moon and back and always will and I am proud to express my interpretation of my mom, grandma and crazy Italian aunts to the world because in this respect we can all relate.  Otherwise I am a fan of Miss Richfield 198, Varla Jean Merman and Dina Martina.

 Many fans of the show (and in the drag community in general) have been commenting on an obvious lack of respect from younger queens. It seems to be more evident this year more than ever that younger queens are bitchier and seem to be losing the positive reasons of drag and not respecting the queens before them. What are your thoughts on this?

Well I don’t know how old or young you are and it doesn’t matter to me but I do know I was an ASSHOLE when I was young.  It’s a part of growing up and we didn’t have the ability to express our opinion on social media as “kids do today”.  So to me I laugh and say “I remember being like that”.   Nothing New.


Your now recognised by fans all over the world. What projects and goals would you like to achieve in the next few years?

Well my love I have a single on iTunes and amazon called COCKTAIL with several dance mixes by Jared Jones!

I have a cabaret show, the story of my life with 22 old broadway songs called, ‘THERE’S ALWAYS TIME FOR A COCKTAIL’.I will have my second single coming out called ‘SEASONED QUEEN’. THE BIG WIGS is an amazing show with AGGY DUNE that we have been doing for 11 years ….impersonation at it’s best
and who knows…maybe I’ll start selling AVON!  

Now its just a few weeks until the official season 7 finale! What eleganza are you planning to unleash on the world and what the hec will Mr. Davis be wearing!?

I have an amazing couture gown created for me with feathers, beads and RHINESTONES!  I just need to be sure I can ZIP IT UP!  



Quick Round :

Favourite songs to perform : Simply the best TINA and NY NY LIZ
Favourite drag queens : Miss Richfield 1981 , Chad Michaels  and Bianca Del Rio
Your must have products! :  Good Face cream and Seltzer
Favourite clubs to perform at  : Rain Lounge in Syracuse NY (drop in it’s a hoot)
And of course …. Favourite Cocktail? BOX WINE  (honestly….dirty martini…gin)

A huge thank you to MRS Kasha Davis for the interview and thank you to MR Kasha Davis for taking her box of wine away long enough for her to talk! 

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